Placing all the eggs in one basket?  No offence, but you might need more than just a basket.

The Critical Armor Zone Strategy uses a well-known cyber security method called “Defense-in-Depth.”  High walls alone cannot well defend a castle.  Moats and archers on towers support the walls in a layered approach.  In the same way, any one security control implemented on a computer or network system might fail, so to contain the risk Critical Armor advocates using one in each zone.

Prevention is Key

Don’t wait until afterwards.  A few steps beforehand will go a long way to stopping a problem before it ever happens.

The mind is desperately wicked, who can know it?  Why deal with lingering thoughts, even if the exposure was purely accidental?  The Internet is a tool, much like a power saw, and equally dangerous if misused or mishandled.  No solution is perfect, but the Zone Strategy helps parents consider things in a whole new way.  Applying the strategy fills in gaps most don’t even know exist.