Most Critical Armor Weekend Workshops follow the same schedule.  Each forty-five minute session details a single zone or concept to provide the learner as much detail as possible.  Fortunately, each adult can obtain a nice notebook, pre-printed with many valuable notes, but also with space to record information from each section.  The notebook includes the free booklet “Breaking Down Strongholds” for review after the conference.

A Critical Armor Weekend Workshop generally begins on a Friday evening with a short song and prayer service at 7:00 PM, with the first session starting at around 7:15 PM.  After the session, the conference takes a fifteen minute break and reconvenes promptly at 8:15 PM.  After the last session, all attendees are welcome to fellowship over coffee and desserts.

On Saturday (or the second day of the conference), the sessions begin at 9:00 AM and follow the same structure, with forty-five minutes to each session with a fifteen minute break.  Each session is intended to build upon the last, starting at the outside (physical layer) the night before and building inward until the attendee understands the risks and the security controls to mitigate those risks.

At noon, the workshop breaks for lunch.

The last session begins at 1:00PM.  After the last question, attendees are welcome to make appointments for individualized help or advice, hands-on with their device.

The conference ends when the last Tech Appointment is over.