April 2014 – Present:  Mount Calvary Baptist Church – Clayton, North Carolina
  • Critical Armor Ministries (beginning May, 2016) – Teach church congregations the dangers and defenses needed to protect families from the Internet and Media. Created the Zone Strategy to assist in the creation of a multiple layers of security controls to protect, filter, and control at the level of devices, network, Internet, and physical. This series of biblical teaching with the corresponding technological program has been taught in churches from various states with good reports from the hosting pastors.
  • Church Deacon (beginning January, 2016) – Serves church and pastor as defined by the Biblical qualifications and responsibilities listed in I Timothy Chapter 3. Assisted pastor in work of modernizing Church Constitution with template from Christian Law Association.
  • Sunday School Teacher, Auditorium Class (beginning October, 2014) – Develop and teach doctrinal Sunday School curricula for “Pastor’s Class” or the church open Sunday School class which meets in the main auditorium. For the year 2016, this class will utilize the excellent “ABCs of Christian Growth” as its foundation of lessons, with supplementary materials as the opportunity arises.
  • AWANA Charge Preacher (May 2015 – March 2016) – Preach a simple Salvation message to the AWANA classes in rotation with the Pastor and Youth Leader. Due to some personnel changes among the bus drivers, this preaching session has been moved to a different time each Wednesday evening ending the rotation.
  • Pulpit Supply – At the pastor’s request.
June 2003 – March 2014:  Berean Baptist Church – Springfield, Missouri
  • HOPE Addictions Recovery Program Director (January, 2012 – February, 2014) – Use the “Helping Others Put off Entanglements” materials created by Pastor Rick Carter to demonstrate the freedom from addiction available only through Christ Jesus. The HOPE Program met each Friday night and follows the READY, SET, GO format for group training (READY), small support groups for men and for women separately (SET), and a time of preaching (GO). Each night focuses on one of the 15 Bible Truths of HOPE. The Program Director also serves as the main preacher and fill-in for support group leaders.
  • Junior Department Teacher (May, 2008 – December, 2011) – Teach Doctrinal Bible lessons to the Junior Department, in grades 4th, 5th, and 6th. Maintain excitement about the Bible and God’s Truth through Sword Drills, Activities, and lively Teaching. Promote the Bible memorization and closeness to God.
  • Pulpit Supply – At the pastor’s request.
July 2002 – May 2003:  Tenth Street Baptist Church – Rolla, Missouri
  • Pastor – Call confirmed by church to pastorate. Led the church to begin a Faith-Promise Missions program and established a dedicated plan to support missionaries monthly. Began weekly Men’s Prayer Meeting before Sunday Morning Services. Began weekly Saturday Morning Evangelism and Visitation. Worked to establish doctrinal basis of church members in order to strengthen the church to fulfill the Great Commission as mandated by the Lord in the Book of Acts. Began monthly support for two foreign-field missionaries.
October 1997 – June 2002:  Berean Baptist Church – Springfield, Missouri
  • College & Career Class Director (June 1999 – July 2002) – Teach Bible lessons to College and Career age group, plan and host class activities, and promote the Spiritual well-being of the class members. Class actively recruited from Baptist Bible College and other universities in the area.
  • Outside Pulpit Supply – As sent out by Pastor Gray and (later) Pastor Ables. Filled pulpits for vacationing Pastors as needed in Missouri and Arkansas.
  • Nursing Home Ministry – Maintain weekly services (music and preaching) for at least one of the nursing homes in contact with Berean Baptist Church.
  • Inside Pulpit SupplyAt the pastor’s request.
  • Berean Baptist Church, Springfield Missouri – After a public doctrinal interrogation by a council of ordained Pastors and Missionaries, the church received the recommendation to ordain. The Berean Baptist Church then voted to sustain the council’s considered recommendation in August of the year 2002 (Certificate producible upon request).
  • Statement of Faith (upon the Critical Armor website) – While the Bible itself is the sole and final authority of all my belief, this statement does, however, accurately represent the teaching of the Bible to the full extent of my knowledge.
  • Berean Baptist Church Bible Institute, Springfield, Missouri – The Pastoral Training Institute of the Berean Baptist Church, initiated by the late former Pastor Leon Gray, and continued under Pastor Jeff Ables. God has used Berean (and this training) to plant and organize 26 churches domestically which still exist today. This training has also been used on the foreign fields, particularly with Berean missionaries in Australia.