Critical Armor remains a ministry, not a business.  The idea centers on helping the Lord’s Churches and the Saved.  The profit we hope for does not come in earthly riches.  We believe it important to state this philosophy outright, in plain language, and without any sort of legalize.  The style of the website might appear to be commercial but the ministry it supports is not.


This website recommends many products and services via affiliate links whenever available.  Companies use affiliate marketing to get people to drive business to their websites.  Rather than spending that money in advertising, these companies choose to enlist the public at large to market for them.  Money saved on advertising gets sent to their affiliate marketers as a small percentage of each sale.  For instance, the affiliate percentage from Amazon sits around 4%, or in other words, $4 from every $100.  Most are smaller percentages, a few are larger.

Interestingly, the affiliate percentage does NOT increase the cost of the item to purchaser.  The small commission is paid out of the vendor’s profits.  Critical Armor intends to use whatever small amounts come in to further the ministry.  Just keeping up with new technology will be an expensive venture, but needful, and hopefully any affiliate funds will help offset that a little.

Please know that one may freely go directly to the vendor.  A user may strip out the affiliate link information and buy at the same price without supporting the ministry.  Critical Armor will take no offence should anyone do so.  In fact, we would have no way to even know about it.


We naturally want to have the best and cleanest site around.  Please send us a note if something turns up that doesn’t support that high standard.  Critical Armor hosts forums and declare with finality that the administrator retains full authority to remove, delete, or change any post made by any person for any reason.